Three years of Eat Fat Get Lean

Here are the before and after pictures:

  • Timeframe: 3 years
  • Lifestyle: Eat Fat Get Lean 
    • Real food only
    • High quality animal foods (high welfare) mainly
    • Zero wheat/barley/rye grains
    • Carbohydrate containing plant foods to level of insulin resistance/sensitivity
    • Physical fitness - focus on improvement of movement complexity 
    • Level of compliance 95-100%


eat fat get lean

june 2017


age: 35 years; 


body fat estimate 8-10%

old pic.jpg

june 2014



age: 32 years; 

body fat estimate 8-10%

How did your health/body composition change over the past three years? Time to consider Eat Fat Get Lean?

Start by downloading the poster below and stick it on your fridge.

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